Rusted Guns 2 – 07 Lawrence’s Skate Stag (Si Glover)

Si GloverRusted Guns 2 – 07 Lawrence’s Skate Stag
from Si Glover on 6 Aug 2019

A great time had at Lawrence’s Skate Stag held at Rampworx in Liverpool in June 2019.

Part of the skate video Rusted Guns 2.

A rollerblading video of a group of friends from the South West skating mostly around the UK.

Rollerbladers in Lawrence’s Skate Stag: Tyrone Norah, Adam Moxey, Phil Lord David, Si Glover, Lawrence Wright & Zeke Furness

Music: Eazy E – Gimme That Nut

Order of Sections:

01 Intro
02 Si Hawkins
03 Phill Lord David
04 Si Glover
05 Lawrence Wright
06 Zeke Furness
07 Lawrence’s Skate Stag
08 Blarpers
09 Outro
10 Bonus: Lawrence’s Skate Stag Wheel of fortune

Camera: Go Pro 4 with Feiyu G4 Gimbal
Editing: Adobe Premier Pro.

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