Savage Video Trailer

AlejohSavage Video Trailer
from Alejoh on 11 Jan 2014

Get ready to witness these savages Rollerblading for free. Hurting themselves just for the passion of blading. Forget getting paid from a blading company to do this. These guys have jobs, go to school, and some have children to take care of but that doesn’t stop them from throwing themselves like they are getting footage for a “sponsor me tape”.

This video will be packed with tons of flesh, blood, tears, pain/love. We battled our fears like savages without expecting much other than getting the rejuvenating feel of landing a fucking hard trick.

Release date coming soon.


Alejoh Candelo
Iain Mcleod
Colin Mcleod
Winston Wardwell
Buzz Holbrook
Eric Schaefer
Jeff Hamm
Isaac Desanto

and many more….

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