Nik ShandShepton Mallet Prison Ghost Hunt
from Nik Shand on 25 Jun 2021

Recently I attended Shepton Mallet Prison for a Ghost Hunt till the early hours of the morning (3:30am)This place has years of history, with Executions taking place here involving Hanging and for a short while Firing Squad too.Men, Women and even Children born here have died here.There is a very creepy and strong energy here.I took my Dji Osmo Action Camera with me, but strangely enough the fully charged battery went from 100 to 0 within 30mins of being in the building, so I was forced to switch to my Iphone for the remainder of the evening.I captured a lot of strange things, including what I believe to be several orbs, strange noises and even responses on the EV meter.Enjoy this mostly Raw Footage from my Trip to the 3rd most Haunted Place in the UK.