SkatefreshAshaSkatefresh 22nd Birthday Brighton Beach Skate 20th Aug 2022: Skate Jam, Games, Dancing, Roller disco
from SkatefreshAsha on 27 Sep 2022

It took us while to juggle our autumn editing schedule and covid slowed down the process, but finally here’s our Brighton Birthday Celebrations.During a train strike, everyone was either local or came form far and wide by car (of plane – the Dundee ladies put us all to shame). Skaters came from all over London, Cambridge, Reading, Hastings, Portsmouth, Birmingham and Dundee.So honoured to have such friends and talented skaters attend the day. The sun shone for us, all day and I felt truly blessed and appreciative for everything this life on wheels has given me. It’s a rollercoaster ride but I wouldn’t have wanted another path.Apologies if I didn’t tag you or you were there but didn’t appear in the video. We had too much footage. Pls beep me to add your tag.Featuring;@Skatebrum @londonhydeparkskaters @cambridgeskaters @skatelisa @_bpscommunity @brighton_skate @portsmouth_skatingt_group @skate_meister @nikkiandandrew @eyeshashasha777 @gracies88 @applebywalker @hugh_gotta_sk8 @simonswainson @edwina_l8r.sk8r @theskatekitchen @londonite1 @evaenpatines @viv_iana06 @glambrader @hargreavessabine @mohit._._ @Steve.g_e