JADRollerVlogSonic Extender 8mm Round Axles JADRollerVlog RollerBlading
from JADRollerVlog on 7 Jun 2024

“Sonic Extender 8mm Round Axles are replacements for most inline skate frames that use a two-piece 8mm axle with normal round heads. So unless your frames require an axle with a funky head shape like the Ground Control Sickle, these should work for you. Like other Sonic Extenders, you can thread partially for wider frames or thread more completely for narrower frames. Its also a perfect replacement axle for a skater looking to remove the brake and needs a shorter axle. Sonic axles stay tight without threadlock, saving time and money later since there’s no need to reapply! ADJUSTABLEThread partially for wider frames thread more for narrower framesSTRONG8mm axles are built tough solid steel at contact points with frame”