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FOMO (Jo Zenk)

from Jo Zenk on 6 Jun 2023

FOMO – a rollerblading video produced by Denz BTK & Jo Zenk in NRW, Germany. featuring Ranga Singh, Harry Can, Daniel Koopman & Jo Zenk filmed & edited by Deniz BTK grading by Jo Harry, Jo & Ranga spent a week visiting Deniz using his place as a base to sesh Ruhrpott area during summer. Koopman joined in on his free days. follow on social media: SUBSCRIBE for more and leave some comments, thumbs, shares if you want to support.Thank you for watching.Disclaimer:skate at your own risk, choose helmet if you want to eliminate as much risk as possible.accidents happen, sometimes due to bad material, Jo skated a worn down prototype wheel he tested for a foreign supplier that didn’t survive the impact. Fortunately Jo came out of this unscathered. If you want high quality material, protection or else you’ll find all you need to roll at: Use code ZENK10 to support Jo with 10% of your purchase.Thank You šŸ™‚ if you want to support further check out: simply binge watch our videos from start to end :)#rollerblading #jozenk #inlineskating

I had an epic dream last night.. (Jo Zenk)

Jo ZenkI had an epic dream last night..
from Jo Zenk on 3 May 2023

Barely could see anything while jumping and grinding. colored lights was a challenge but fun. TY Gero & Marc for the opportunity a while back. Clip filmed by Sven Ischen Follow on insta: Check the channel for moreHttps:// Get all you need to roll at: Use code ZENK10 at checkout to send me some % of your purchase #jozenk #rollerblading #coloredlights


from Jo Zenk on 18 Apr 2023

MNSTR BLADE III aka TRU SOUL aka lost tapes Finally, here it is filmed throughout 2016-2017, mainly edited 2018-2019, a lot of things got in the way.. First our beloved 0.2x deathlense Fisheye unfortunately got humiliated in the process of filming as you can see in the video.. then I couldnt get it again and we continued shooting some stuff with broken fisheye (sorry for that). At some point after that my computer crashed and I lost access to the open file, when 70% was edited and rest loosely arranged. Lost all drive to do it all again until the Crew died around 2020/beginning of 2021. After a while I felt the need to wrap this one up as it portrays the final chapter of the crews skating and I was about to move away from Mnster. I found a 70% edited version that got rendered for private youtube some years ago to show the crew in earlier editing stages and just redid the last 2 minutes or so. Deleted messy outro and made tough decision to leave it like that. The second half was originally intended to get as much attention to detail as the first half and I couldnt even think of releasing but Daniel (Enin) insisted I should just throw it out and he is right. I hope its still enjoyable, but please excuse a few rough cuts and loose arrangement of clips during the last bits especially. please enjoy the final chapter of the infamous MNSTR BLADE crew: MNSTR BLADE III – TRU SOUL Its been a ride featuring:Jo ZenkPatrick SmithBenni PetryAleks PopvasilevEugen EninJurij PelaevDeniz BTKJoao GocalvesSven IschenJoery van de PolDaniel LaufsBas Berghuismain camera:Jo ZenkPatrick Smithadditional filming:Aleks PopvasilevEugen EninDaniel EninBenni Petry& possibly more follow on instagram: for music:Highsea: all you need to roll at: use code ZENK10 to support Jo with some % of your purchase.#jozenk #mnstrblade #mnster #inlineskating

Winterclash before the fall took me out.. (Jo Zenk)

Jo ZenkWinterclash before the fall took me out..
from Jo Zenk on 2 Apr 2023

Qualification moves felt Alright but I hurt myself just before they announced Id be joining finals. next time Clips by Kate Bedrata & Sacha LopezBail in another short or insta story highlightsThanks Jojo Jacobi & team for a great comeback with #winterclash2023 all you need to roll at https://www.grindhouse.euyou can support me with code ZENK10 at checkout which sends me 10% of your purchase #skating #skatepark #jozenk

My very first dropkink fifty #jozenk (Jo Zenk)

Jo ZenkMy very first dropkink fifty #jozenk
from Jo Zenk on 11 Mar 2023

Always been scared of groove tricks on kinks. I avoided 50s until last year but started to enjoy the challenge. Been on the Journey ever since figuring unities, bs Royales and 50s. Must say front royale is the ultimate goal but im pretty happy with what i got so far. Follow on insta: Check the channel for moreHttps:// Get all you need to roll at: Use code ZENK10 at checkout to send me 10% of your purchase #jozenk #rollerblading #kinkrail

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