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LEDLAUZIS 2023 / Straume inline skola (Therolling)

TherollingLEDLAUZIS 2023 / Straume inline skola
from Therolling on 2 Feb 2023

We celebrated the start of 2023 with a blast aka “Ledlauzis” hosted by inline school “STRAUME”. Thank you all who were part of it and helped make it so much fun. Big shout out to our supporters: The Spot Center, Roces, Drukmanis, Therolling, Yohoho cafe, Video: Konstantns MakarovsCamera: Jnis Katkovskis, Edgars SalnjsRESULTS:JUNIOR1. Alberts raks2. Marks Liners3. Keita Konerova AMATEUR1. Jkabs Jansons2. Ralfs Igals 3. Mikus aksaOPEN1. Edgars Rozentls2. Raimonds Prsis3. Kristofers RudztsRat race: Alberts raks / Edgars RozentlsSpicy pepper: Dimitrijs Sokolovs GO SKATE!!

A.L.N.I.S 2022 / official video (Riga, Latvia) (Therolling)

TherollingA.L.N.I.S 2022 / official video (Riga, Latvia)
from Therolling on 24 Oct 2022

15 years strong! Unbelievable energy flooded the streets of Riga. Thank you all who helped make it happen, skated through 6 spots and supported this one. See you all next year! Video by Mrti JansonsFilm crew Mrti Jansons, Arvis BelovsMusic by Oriole Graphics by Agris aurs ___Results:Open1. Raimonds Prsis2. Edgars Rozentls3. Andris KreicburgsBest trick: Aleksejs GovorsAmateur1. Kristofers Rudzts2. Didzis erecovs3. Ralfs IgalsJunior1. Marks Linters2. Alberts raks3. Emls Egle___Sponsored byLatvijas Skrituslidoanas federcija, Mind Work Ramps, Inline skola “STRAUME”Supported byHedonskate, Roces, USD, NJ, LNB, Yohoho Cafe, The Spot center#ALNIS2022

GGfest 2022 / Latvijas Inline kauss (Ventspils, Latvia) (Therolling)

TherollingGGfest 2022 / Latvijas Inline kauss (Ventspils, Latvia)
from Therolling on 18 Aug 2022

For the 10th year city of Ventspils hosted international inline skating competition! Good vibes and amazing skating all weekend- take a look yourself. See you in July, 2023! RESULTS:Pro-OPEN1. Bobi Spassov2. Tomek Przybylik2. Valters GrasmanisWomen1. Kate Bedrata2. Patrycja Najda3. Liene NulleLatvian inline championship1. Valters Grasmanis2. Edgars Rozentls3. Raimonds PrsisAmateur1. Jkabs Jansons2. Kristofers Rudzts3.Didzis erecovsJunior1.Marks Linters2.Keita Konerova3.Alberts iraksThank you for the support: Ventspils, Inline Skola Straume, Latvijas Skrituslidoanas federcija, Ghetto Games, Hedonskate, Roces, Dzintars, Blading Camp, Blade Life Co., USD, Blade Club, Centrano, Skatepro#ggfest2022 #lik2022

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