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A.L.N.I.S 2021 / Liepāja (Therolling)

TherollingA.L.N.I.S 2021 / Liepāja
from Therolling on 27 Sep 2021

For 14th annual #ALNIS street contest we chose to bring it to Liepāja. A beautiful city in the west coast of Latvia which made this year a very special one. Right vibes, proper bangers and happy riders. Mark your calendars for #ALNIS2022 in Riga, 10th of September!!!

Video by Mārtiņš Jansons
Filmed by Mārtiņš Jansons, Arvis Belovs
Music by Siskela (check for more on Spotify)

1. Raimonds Prūsis
2. Andris Kreicburgs
3. Valters Grasmanis

1. Kristofers Rudzāts
2. Patriks Vaitekuns
3. Didzis Čerņevovs

Best JUNIOR: Everts Rozentāls
Best trick: Edgars Rozentāls
Most creative rider: Andris Kreicburgs
Need for speed: Ingmārs Cielavs
Best bail: Edmunds Aleksandrs Ērmanis

Much LOVE to supporters:
Latvijas Skrituļslidošanas federācija, Straume Inline Skola, Roces, Hedonskate, WISE, Ground Control Frame Company, Asfalta bērni,


Raimonds Prūsis ‘SPRING HEAT’ (Therolling)

TherollingRaimonds Prūsis ‘SPRING HEAT’
from Therolling on 25 Aug 2021

SPRING HEAT is a collaborative effort by local heroes who went into rough street spots of Latvia to film this video during spring 2021.

VIDEO by Arvis Belovs, Kārlis Didrihsons
MUSIC by March “Boom Boom Pow”

Follow Raimonds:

Follow Therolling:

Latvijas Inline kauss 2021 / Ghetto Games Festival in Ventspils (Therolling)

TherollingLatvijas Inline kauss 2021 / Ghetto Games Festival in Ventspils
from Therolling on 5 Aug 2021

We had a blast and can’t wait to do it again!! Thank you all for being part of “Latvijas Inline kauss 2021” during this years Ghetto Games Festival in Ventspils, Latvia! 🤩🏆 #ggfest2021 #lik2021

1. Ralfs Igals
2. Mikus Toms Ļaksa
3. Keita Kančerova

1. Didzis Čerņecovs
2. Marks Ulinskis
3. Juris Jankovskis

Pro-Open international.
1. Valters Grasmanis
2. Raimonds Prūsis
3. Mats-Kaarel Ruus

Pro-Open Latvian championship
1. Valters Grasmanis
2. Raimonds Prūsis
3. Edgars Rozentāls

Best trick: Timur Kuricin

💛Thank you for the support!!
Latvijas Skrituļslidošanas federācija, Roces, Straume Inline Skola, Hedonskate, Ventspils Pilsēta, Ground Control Frame Company, Maxima, Dzintars

Raimonds Prusis “UNFULFILLED SECTIONS” (Therolling)

TherollingRaimonds Prusis “UNFULFILLED SECTIONS”
from Therolling on 27 Dec 2020

As this unusual year draws to its fated end, our man Raimonds Prusis also put together some clips from this summer.

Initialy he aspired to film a full section by displaying his approach to skating, but didn’t manage to – leaving his dreams to next year. But still he got some clips in what is now called “unfulfilled sections”. Enjoy as it is and feel free of wanting to see more of his smooth moves.

Follow him:
FILMED by Nils Jansons, Mārtiņš Jansons, Kaspars Alksnis

MUSIC by Caleb Belkin “I fall in love too easily”


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