taktikavideoTaktika.lv Scooters Team edit Spring 2023- creativity, technic, skills and style
from taktikavideo on 23 Mar 2023

Taktika.lv Scooter Team edit Here is a better look at our scooter team members, who are showing of their amazing creativity, technic, skills and style We are really happy that we have such a big and skillfull scooter family And we know that our riders will be the ones who pushes the limits in Latvian Scooter community Who is your favorite Taktika.lv Scooter team rider? Tag them in comments! #taktikalv #taktikalvfamily #taktikalvscooters #taktikalvteam #taktikalvkomanda #scooters #scootershop #scooterteaminstagram @taktikalvtiktok @Taktikalv_officialScooter shop Taktika.lv Aleksandra aka 54, Rga | www.taktika.lvSpecializts veikals Taktika.lv, Aleksandra aka 54, Rg | www.taktika.lv