Taylor Ritchie Insta-tage (Razors Skate Co.)

Razors Skate Co.Taylor Ritchie Insta-tage
from Razors Skate Co. on 18 Nov 2014

If you follow the @razorsblades instagram you’re most likely familiar with our Tuesdays with Taylor episodes we’ve been dropping over the past year or so. Truthfully, this series has made Tuesdays one of the best days of the week for me. Not only does Taylor got that swaggy tippy tappy homeless blade dude thing going, but the attention to detail with the filming and the editing is so so choice.

With this Tuesday, we wanted to do something even more special, even more spectacular, even more more, so Taylor put this lil ditty together, featuring several TRT tricks of old interlaced with some sweet freshness.

Filmed by Colin Brattey and Danny Beer
Chopped n scr3wed by Taylor Ritchie

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