THC’s $PAIN Trailer #2 (Dustin Werbeski)

Dustin WerbeskiTHC’s $PAIN Trailer #2
from Dustin Werbeski on 16 Jan 2016


From the creators of the skating short “PREQUEL” comes their awaited sequel, in form of a full-length blade film entitled “$PAIN”. Documenting the good and rad times, of an ever growing crew (THC) throughout one year in the epic city of Barcelona. Based on a true crew story.

The Homie Crew

Starring: Carson Starnes, Dustin Werbeski, Nick Lomax, Mathias von Gostomski, Sam Crofts & Danny Aldridge.

Homies In Order Of Appearance: Albert Hooi, Richie Eisler, Martim Teixeira, Vincent Asobo, Brandon Calleja, Jan Ebbert, Greg Mirzoyan, Kevin Chow, Rui Vieira, Benjamin Davis, Joe Atkinson, Scott Quinn, Ryan Gillett, Antony Pottier, Cj Wellsmore, Sheldon Lapointe, Dayna Beaver, Matt Brogan, Dominic Bruce, Andy Spary, Ryan Tait, Mathias Silhan, Jon Lee, James Bower, Oliver Baker, Adrià Saa, Freddy White, Kenneth Owens, Alex Burston, Roman Abrate, Plus Some.

Link To Full Film Via Sellfy:
Link To Trailer #1:
Release Date: 16/01/16
Running Time: 45mins. + 15mins B Roll
Filmed By: THC & a VX2100
Edited By: Dustin Werbeski
Link To “PREQUEL”:

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