The Crew Video 2 – Introduction (Section 1 of 7) (Indiana Inline)

Indiana InlineThe Crew Video 2 – Introduction (Section 1 of 7)
from Indiana Inline on 16 Nov 2014

This is the first section for the Crew Video 2. It’s been about 4 years since Indiana Inline made a new video and with the revitalization of the crew it was definitely time to make it happen again. This is a throwback video inspired by the original crew video (Kiss My Butt – 2005 – It’s on Vimeo too). Just some good old fashioned blading and fun times with the homies. I hope you dig it! If you still want a copy I’m charging $3 for dvd and $5 for dvd and blu-ray. You can email me and/or paypal me at if interested. Thanks for watching!

Music: Whodini – Friends
Everything, Now! – Take a Gawk at the Weird Side

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