The Hand Of India | A Travel Film by Simon Mulvaney (Simon Mulvaney)

Simon MulvaneyThe Hand Of India | A Travel Film by Simon Mulvaney
from Simon Mulvaney on 17 Sep 2019

At the height of the Cold War, amidst growing tensions between the US and Russia, Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi traveled to Washington D.C to deliver a pragmatic speech on the subjects of communication, understanding and friendship.

35 years later, with increasing polarisation around the globe, her simple yet elegant message has never felt so relevant.

However, it is in India, where Indira Gandhi’s message still rings most true; somehow managing to make sense of a beguiling and beautifully chaotic society, with a rich reputation of inspiring swathes of Western visitors.

Shot during a two month backpacking trip, with minimal camera equipment, this is my attempt to communicate the beauty of Indira’s home country, along with the resonating themes she touched upon all those years ago.

For everything you teach the World, thank you India.

Shot, cut and directed by Simon Mulvaney

Words by Indira Ghandi

Music: ‘Primavera’ by Ludovico Einaudi

Hemant Devara

Hemant Devara
Morni Gertner

Sony A7sii
Canon 24-70mm f/2.4 lens
Tiffen VND
Glidecam 2000HD
DJI Mavic Pro
MacBook Pro 2015
Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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