JADRollerVlogThe Ray and Jon Sessions – Episode 53 – JadRollerVlog Rollerblading
from JADRollerVlog on 5 Jun 2021

This week my childhood partner in crime “rolled” through CT dragging his boots all the way from CA to hopefully catch a session with yours truly.Ray and I share tons in common including our love for rollerblading and YO YOs. Yes YO YOs. We preformed a few times in front of actual human audiences doing the most ridiculous things we could think of with YO YOs. This included fire breathing, flips and other stunts that would make our parents question bringing us into the world. One time before school while we were waiting for the bus we were practicing backflips. We would launch each other into the flip by or frail hands and boney child like arms. Ray never let me down “safely” sending me upsidedown into the air and on to my feet. I, however, managed to confused a practice launch with the real thing and I watched in slow mo as Ray back dove to the ground, on his head, folding in 2 like a book closing the wrong way. On the surface he seemed okay but who knows how this affects his life today. Despite this he still seems to have some balanced left in his brain so we had 2 great sessions before he had to roll on to other things. This was his first time blading in about 6 months. Ray swears by his Sweet USD Carbons which he graciously let me try. They were a little big on me but still seemed fit okay. The soul plates seemed a little slow but they were very light. I have to say THEM skates have wrapped their lovely extra long laces around my heart so I’ll be sticking with my 909s and Intuition V2s I think. I haven’t seen Ray in a VERY LONG time and it was like zero time had passed. Thanks for visiting me my friend and I hope this edit brings you a smile.