This Week in BladeThis Week in Blade Ep 101: TooEasy, Italy, Ashley Graham, and nothing else!
from This Week in Blade on 13 Jun 2021

Episode 101 of This Week in BladeCovering everything that you need to know in rollerblading.Make sure you follow: Me news: – Intro00:21 – For StartersSascha Simms – Backflip – ProductsTooeasy x s9 Bearings Goods – The Diridari Frame Inline – Matt Lyon Pro 80 – VideosLevi Van Rijn – Levis Trip to Italy Scene Presents Josh Only Has So Many Emotions Rollas Presents Billy Murton Graham Teaches rollerblading – Social MediaMatt Reyes – Skate Park Line Surveillance – Pic.Nic Svobbodva – Gawds Edit #2 Spazzoff Guess Lectures at Tomek Przybyliks Blade Workshop Razor Cult Edit – Outro10:28 – EnderDemetrious George – Crazy Soul Grind #Lifestyle #skating #tricks #sports