This Week in BladeThis Week in Blade Ep 124: Good Causes, Transfers, Me not leaving Miami and more!
from This Week in Blade on 21 Feb 2022

This weeks episode is dedicated to Rich Breeds, His family, and Homies. We love you brother and were always thinking of you. Blade in Paradise If youd like to help out Richs people donate 124 of This Week in BladeCovering everything that you need to know in rollerblading on the brand new, This Week in Blade Youtube Channel!Linktree: Patreon: Fehlmann – Steezy ass Mizou transfer – Malva & Savosin Illas Aquamarine – Pro wheels for Keaton Newsom, Tony Woodlands & Mick Casals of the North Recap 9th – Quads and Blades at the Compound 2nd – Franky Morales Invitational 2 2 Brasco – Vanity Fair Crofts & Nick Lomax – A80xBCN Kochetkov – Embily Tour 2020 Joyce – Electric Soul 2021 MVP Adriani – Quick SL Graphite Edit Eguino – 4 Piece Burla & Bobi Spassov – Park edit Genoud – Park Edit Danning – Dark True Soul to my TWIB Correspondents- Travis Stewart- Bell Davis- Maybe Sk8s- Revolution Ski and Blade- Brian Krans- IRollNyEnderChynna Weierstall – Acid Transfer #Lifestyle #skating #tricks #sports