This Week in BladeThis Week in Blade Ep 137: Barbie, Coffee, Lazo Party, The Berrics and More!
from This Week in Blade on 22 May 2023

Welcome to episode 137 of This Week in BladeCovering everything that you need to know about wheels that are attached to your feet!Linktree: – Start00:07 – Intro clipIvey Rose – Top Acid – ProductsImpala – Barbie x Impala Skate originals – Coffee Motif Collection Original – G-blocks Wheels Set Radio Future Multiplayer – Free on PC – Wheels & DealsJulia Komenda to Mesmer Skates Kerkhofs to Faction – VideosLazy Party – Fast Forward by Cody Sanders by Rob Kellet – SocialTakeshi Yasutoko – Fancy Vert Things in the Berrics at Leaside Michael on Schmidts ramp Burston & the Lads – Skating street Domingues – 450 Tru Kindgrind – Outro 12:55 – EnderChris Farmer – Neg Soul to AO Neg Top Soul #Lifestyle #skating #tricks #sports