USWA Inline Skate Park contest 2019 (Sven Boekhorst)

Sven BoekhorstUSWA Inline Skate Park contest 2019
from Sven Boekhorst on 1 Jul 2019

On the sunny sunday of the USWA 2019 the pro Inline Park contest took place for the second time. With a more bombastic course, pro riders from all over the world the vibe and competition was intensly good! The crowd was sunbathing on the hill and saw Yuto Guto from Japan go home with the win. Check the edit for a recap of the Pro Inline park contest.

1st place Yuto Goto (Japan)
2nd place Diaby Diako (France)
3rd place Joe Atkinson (UK)
4th place Jelle Briggeman (NL)
5th place CJ Wellsmore (AUS)
6th place Jaro Frijn (NL)
7th place Nils Jansons (Lativa)
8th place Sem Croft (NL)
9th place Stefan Selders (NL)
10th place Montre Livingston (USA)
11th place Stephen Swain (UK)
12th place Poema Kitseroo (NL)

Video by Jeff Hofstede

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