SkatefreshAshaWhat are some of the prerequisite skate skills needed to safely start learning how to wizard skate?
from SkatefreshAsha on 1 Jun 2023

In this video I show you 2 of the forward J-Turns (forward outside and forward inside). These J-Turns then progress into turn-spirals which become the entry curves into the 2 footed forward Gazelles.Most skaters have a preferred turning direction and a preferred leg when it comes to weight bearing, so these 4 prerequisite turns will test your weaker turning direction and weaker leg. You might also discover that you aren’t as fluent as you thought, or that you aren’t as versatile as you’d like to be. These “easy looking” skills and drills can really help to fill in the gaps in your skating repertoire and allow you to more easily learn more difficult moves like Gazelles.It’s very common for skaters to “run before they can walk” and attempt skills like Gazelles before they have the basic entry and exit curves fluently mastered (or at least in their regular practice routine).The Skatefresh Online Wizard Skating course devotes Part 1 to these and other prerequisite skills (11 in total) so that you then don’t get stuck when the wizard skating gets more complicated. This is the secret to learning more advanced manoeuvres; making sure you can do all the constituent parts BEFORE jumping ahead.Check out the Wizard Skating online course here and watch students in their Wizard skating process (plus a full Trailer video from the course). is Asha Skatefresh? Founder of (since 2000) Skate Coach for BBC and Disney’s “Soy Luna” Powerslide Brand Ambassador (since 2011) Quads figure skater who represented Great Britain internationally. Skating for 39 years Teaching inlines and quads for 22 years 356 Instructors Certified worldwide (with ICP Inline Certification Program) NEW Stops & Slides Online Training which of the 5 essential stops do you need most? you desperate to get better at skating? Let Asha help you for FREE. Get Instant, FREE access to several Video Course lessons.Just choose course theme, level and skate type (inlines or quads).Click “Free Trial” next to the Trailer Video on each page for FREE access.BEGINNER INLINE – FREE VIDEO TRAININGS Are you a compete beginner and apprehensive about getting hurt? Want to start skating safely without falling? Prefer to follow a step-by-step program rather than YouTube snippets? Avoid injury and embarrassment by learning to skate with a professional instructor following proven methods. Grab your Free Beginner Level In-Depth Tutorials Today. 1. Static Preparations + Basic Movement… 2. Basic Stride… INTERMEDIATE INLINE – FREE VIDEO TRAININGS Have you hit a wall in your learning? The harder stuff doesn’t come so easily anymore. Expand your repertoire of skills with new stops, turns and more speed. Grab your Free Intermediate Level In-Depth Tutorials Today. 3. Lunge Turn… 4. Fitness Stride… ADVANCED INLINE – FREE VIDEO TRAININGS Want to make people stop and stare? Grab your Free ADVANCED Level In-Depth Tutorials Today. 5. Barrel Roll… 6. Double Push Speed Skating Technique… BEGINNER QUADS – FREE VIDEO TRAININGS Are you a compete beginner and apprehensive about getting hurt? Want to start skating safely without falling? Prefer to follow a step-by-step, easy to follow program? Grab your Free Beginner Level In-Depth Tutorials Today.7. Static Preparations + Basic Movement (Quads)… INTERMEDIATE QUADS – FREE VIDEO TRAINING Have you hit a wall in your progress? Having trouble stopping? Every Quaddie needs a T-stop that works! 8. T-Stop… YOGA FOR SKATERS Getting aches and pains during or after skating? Maybe you need to be adding some stretching to your skate practice. Grab your FREE 7min pre-post skate stretch video class here; 9. lessons in the UK and Asha’s Touring Trips schedule, visit Follow Asha and Skatefresh on social media: Facebook: Skatefresh Asha Instagram: @skatefreshasha Asha wears Powerslide Evos with Endless 4×90 frames