Whats Brewing Whats Brewing (Bristol Episode 12)
from Whats Brewing on 8 Jun 2024

Welcome to the latest Episode this time we are back in the sunny city of Bristol there’s a mixture of spots we hit up from new to old classic spots like Big Loyds hope everyone had a fun day and just want to to say thank you to everyone that got involved this has been the biggest whats brewing session to date with like 25 people it was mad so i’m sorry if i missed anything this feature’s Niko Salaman, Billy Murton, Matt Smith, Shige Kunimaru, Matt Woods, Si Coburn, Samuel Davis, Ollie Jones, Dan Canby, Stephen Riddick, Si & Loz, James Tsoi, Jenny Herbert, Brandon Ballog, Brados, Matt Brown, Tom Bowman, Oli Tea, Chris Rutherford, James Rendell there’s probably more sorry if ive missed anyone.Enjoy!Spot 1 Wooden Ledge 00:30Spot 2 Chrome Long Rail 03:43Spot 3 Planters & Tree 05:23Spot 4 Step Ledges 07:12Spot 5 Bank to Rail 09:04Spot 6 Curb & Curve Ledge 10:46Spot 7 Big Loyds 13:17Outro 17:02Peace!!Whats Brewing!