mark wornerWhats Brewing (Bristol Episode 3)
from mark worner on 21 Jan 2024

Welcome to another episode of “Whats Brewing” hope you enjoyed the last two episode’s I have made. This time round we ventured into the centre of Bristol it was a little slippy and wet’ but we found some really cool spot’s had a laugh bumped into people I haven’t seen in years. This feature’s Niko Salaman, Simon Coburn, Billy Murton, Ian Hendrie, Chris Hallam, Samuel Davis, Ollie Jones and few other appearances from Alex Roberts and Leon Crispin. But finally put the kettle on and just let it Brew! P.S sorry there was no Matt Smith he was doing his paper round this weekend.00:23 Spot 1 Bench gap to bench00:49 Spot 2 High curved chrome rail03:28 Spot 3 Gap to rough ledge05:43 Spot 4 Window ledge06:11 Spot 5 Short barrier setup09:38 Spot 5 Long barrier setup16:37 Spot 6 Ledge and wall ride18:27 Spot 7 Wooden ledge23:15 Outro