Mark Worner Whats Brewing (Dorchester Episode 4)
from Mark Worner on 9 Feb 2024

Welcome to another episode of Whats Brewing this time round me and Bill decided to think outside the box and travel to Poundbury, Dorchester in Dorset to see what was about and it was a pleasant surprise as we found some quirky spots we got a full days skate in sadly got dark way too quick.Like to thank the kind lady Sue at the first spot for giving us the silicone spray it was rapid! Flowmasta silicone spray look it up!Don’t forget to head over to Duke Nugens youtube he’s doing some nice vlogs BWB. hope you enjoy like and subscribe would help out loads. 00:39 Spot 1 low floor rail02:58 Spot 2 little line03:29 Spot 3 rail to ledge04:58 Spot 4 sports centre line06:04 Spot 5 wall to wall 18006:23 Spot 6 wavey bench07:14 Spot 7 brewery square line08:21 Spot 7 bust09:12 Spot 8 gap to plastic container ledge 09:38 outro talking