Unlabelled GirlsWhat’s Up Unlabelled Girls Ep. 21 (Aggressive Inline Skating)
from Unlabelled Girls on 31 May 2024

Hi everyone, today lets try to list the active Japanese girls in aggressive inline skating. We wont be able to provide every single achievement, but we just wanted to dedicate a video to the girls from the country of the rising sun. Well start with the ones weve already presented on our channel and dont forget this project is supported entirely by the Unlabelled Store, so get yourself some gear, its a good way to represent in style. Featuring skaters: 00:25 – Suzuka Hyoyama – IG: @suzuca201700:55 – Misaki Katayama – IG: @misaki_katayama01:18 – Chihiro Azuma – IG: @chihiro_azuma01:39 – Kaho Miyao – IG: @sportsloverkaho02:13 – Shiono Hashimoto – IG: @s_hsmt4002:36 – Makiko Myoga – IG: @mei_mei_1126_03:21 – Ichi – IG: @iam_ichi03:36 – Other Girls:Ayaka from Shizuoka – IG: @ayaka_1292Kawasaki Sorachi from Kobe – IG: @kyappy87Aoi and Nana – IG: @ao_na6sanMizuki – IG: @yuma1031_mizuki0919Aimi Onmori – IG: @aimi_inlinesk8_ski_lifeKoharu – IG: @rantan104Many thanks to Takeshi Yasutoko – IG: @takeshiyasutokoUNLABELLED STOREhttps://unlabelled.storeUNLABELLED GIRLS https://linktr.ee/unlabelledgirlsUNLABELLED CLOTHINGhttps://linktr.ee/unlabelledclothingA lot of blading (aggressive inline skating, patins street, roller street, patinaje aggressivo, bladies) basically #unlabelledgirls #blading #inlineskating #bladies #patinsstreet #roller #skating #compilation #sport #extreme #girlsshred #girlswhoskate #girlswhoblade #locaskates #womeninsport #femaleskaters #femalesports #justwomensports #rollerblading #girlsrollerblading