Tom MoyseWhats Wrong With Rollerblading
from Tom Moyse on 29 Mar 2022

Your steaming hot takes on rollerblading and everything that is happening in inline skating right now.Does rollerblading take itself too seriously? How do you make aggressive inline skating grow? Are rollerblade too expensive? All this and more Enter MOYSE at checkout for 10% off your MUZZLE order. I will also receive 10% so this really helps me out. Grab a Spotty Dog tee from the Patreon Alright00:20 Sausages01:56 Ugly Unity Grinds02:32 Streetwear and Fashion05:15 Wizard Skating05:21 Norway05:47 WheelScene06:45 Air Grabs08:11 CurbCircle08:23 Rolled Topsides10:13 Dancing on rails11:37 Tucked in shirts12:31 XXL Hammers15:49 Batman19:08 Too Expensive20:33 PatreonsMusic HJJ