Tom MoyseWhat’s WRONG with Rollerblading – Your HOT TAKES
from Tom Moyse on 16 Apr 2023

What problems do you see in rollerblading right now? What would you like to see change with inline skating?Become a member: the Patreon me get to The Blading Cup:PayPal donations and more: MOYSE at check out to get 10% off a asked my Patreon, Youtube and Instagram followers for their hot take and unpopular opinions on the state of rollerblading right now. And I’m giving my take on your take. We will be covering everything from rollerblading hammers, wizard skating, quad / rollerskating skating, social media, fashion, anti-rocker setups and loads more.Just to note this is all just opinions.00:00 Alright00:36 High Trousers Yandriel Silverio01:35 Them Skate are Ugly rollerblades03:06 Rollerblades vs Rollerskates. Is there too much love?04:29 Trackies while skating05:29 Wizard skating is a flash in the pan06:57 Lace Belt vs leather belt07:52 Proper rollerblading edits09:10 Are Adapt Skates good?09:29 What is Switch in rollerblading?10:48 Inline skating vs soap shoes: The anti-rocker story12:16 Alex Broskow is a Lizard person12:36 Pro skaters and their untouchable fashion13:38 Rollerblading should stay underground14:55 Skate for love15:56 Backpacks in rollerblading16:46 Wizard skating Civil war17:22 Hammers will save rollerblading20:11 Whats the point of IQON skates SHOWDOWN 2023 FT. GHETTOCOMMUNITY AND FRIENDS Kambouridis – Home