WNS Southside Skatepark 10-27-10 (Halloween Edition) (JakeHayes)

JakeHayesWNS Southside Skatepark 10-27-10 (Halloween Edition)
from JakeHayes on 2 Nov 2010

Starring Joanna Lorenson as the Pirate, Lindsay Costello as the Penguin (not a duck!), Karl Semelis as Satan and Dexter, Jake Hayes as the Cookie Monster, Luke Whitney as the Peanut, Austin Goode as Taco Bonita, Josh Ferguson as the Flying Nun, Joey Hernandez as Speed Racer, Rich Bachmann as RoadHouse, and Emill as Brett Favre’s Penis.

For the guys that didn’t dress up, i’m saving your clips for a future edit.

filmed on a samsung fascinate, edited on microsoft’s craptacular windows live movie maker

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