Tom MoyseWTF is Mushroom Blading?
from Tom Moyse on 24 Apr 2023

What on earth in Mushroom blading?In todays video we are going to explore the unique world of mushroom blading, a creative style of rollerblading that has no limits. Thumbnail image from Mark Sweetland a member: the Patreon MOYSE at check out to get 10% off a look into what sparked its creation, its history, the inline skaters that started it all. What skaters have been part of it including Nick Riggle, Andy Kruse, Oli Short, Charles Dunkle, Dustin Latimer and more.How Mushroom blading developed and how its influenced traditional aggressive rollerblading. Plus what Todd McInerney and Joey McGarry have done for rollerblading culture including wizard skating and all the rest.So what is Mushroom blading? 00:00 Alright00:31 Introducing Todd McInerney and Joey McGarry01:01 First time seeing rollerblading01:55 Discovering Mad Beef, Arlo Eisenberg, Angie Walton, Dave Kollasch02:36 Ice Hockey. The NHL was calling03:35 Todd Quits Baseball04:00 Making rollerblading videos04:42 Inspirations, 90s rollerblading and early mushroom blading 05:29 Tv show influences 06:08 The weirdest rollerblading we can do06:50 The origins of mushroom blading Andy Kruse 07:22 Nick Riggle Daily Bread08:01 Pushing against mainstream aggressive rollerblading 08:32 What is Mushroom Blading Volume 1, 09:15 Canadian rollerbladers – Danny Beer09:50 Blacklash to Mushroom Blading 10:47 Unconventional skating, having fun, joke tricks11:33 Changes in rollerblading culture12:02 Influence on modern inline skating12:38 Mushing blading brand, how to be unpopular 13:10 Wizard skating Duh SOL EH?Better Than BaseballMB7 MB8Prove YourselfJust all of themJump Street Podcast Episode 113 with Joey McGarry Street Podcast Episode 72 with Todd McInerney is Mushroom Blading? Interview with Joey McGarry Friend Collin – Eric Perkett