LocoSkates15 Best Rollerblading Tricks EVER
from LocoSkates on 9 Dec 2022

We each tried to come up with our top 5 rollerblading tricks of all time. Here’s what we came up with… with a few honourable mentions thrown in on top.With:Jake Eley Harry AbelGaston Demoratti Find out more about inline skates, rollerblades and Roller skates Here: https://www.locoskates.com/Intro 0:00Disclaimer/Chat 0:22Jake Number 5 03:55Harry Number 5 05:59Gaston Number 5 07:31 Jake Number 4 08:34Harry Number 4 12:20Gaston Number 4 14:00Jake Number 3 15:11Harry Number 3 17:47Gaston Number 3 19:28Jake Number 2 22:08Harry Number 2 23:20Gaston Number 2 25:10Jake Number 1 27:28Harry Number 1 28:52Gaston Number 1 30:21