A DAY AT THE PARK, with Johnny Jensen & friends (Chris P)

Chris PA DAY AT THE PARK, with Johnny Jensen & friends
from Chris P on 12 Sep 2017

Filmed on a phone on 4/7/13 at The Park in Geelong, featuring Shane Duck as the he support act, Johnny Jensen as the headliner, a guest appearance by Gav Drumm with a line filmed on 11/7/15 at the very end of the day at the Australian Rolling Open, and a special cameo at the end. The
This was all created to hype everyone for the Victorian Titles at The Park this Saturday September 16, but primarily to showcase Johnny’s Jensen’s skating. He recently reminded everyone what an amazingly light-footed ninja he is on skates, when he carried our Killerboots street hockey team to the Minor Premiership in the league in our rookie season. After our Grand Final was showing a friend all this old footage of Johnny on my phone, to much high praise, and I was compelled to put together something cool. Metallica’s multipart instrumental track, Orion, is epic and floaty and so is Mr Jensen on the blades, plus he’s an old skool metal head so it felt right to have some fun with it.
Enjoy, and get pumped for The 2017 Vic’s!

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