A.L.N.I.S 2019 / Cesis, Latvia (Therolling)

TherollingA.L.N.I.S 2019 / Cesis, Latvia
from Therolling on 19 Sep 2019

Sunny vibes from the annual Latvian real street.
Thank you all for coming out, it was beautiful!

A.L.N.I.S 2019 champ Edgars Rozentāls
AM champ Valters Kreišs

Edit by Mārtiņš Jansons / Cineport.lv
Filmed by Mārtiņš Jansons, Agris Čaurs

Support the supporters- Hedonskate, Roces, Blade Life, The Spot Center, Ground Control Frames, Ink Works-EU, Blade.rs

See you next year. #ALNIS2019

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