Abusing The Most Expensive Inline Skates Ever Made – Adapt Speciale (PintoPonyProductions)

PintoPonyProductionsAbusing The Most Expensive Inline Skates Ever Made – Adapt Speciale
from PintoPonyProductions on 11 Jan 2019

The New Inline Skate ‘Adapt Hyperskate GTO Speciale’ is obviously the most stylish luxury skate on the planet. What I needed to know is, how it felt down stairs, on big drops and over challenging concrete-scapes. This is part two of my testing. Full review to follow.

GTO Speciales – Front wheels 84mm back are 90mm, all are 90a hardnes. Adapt HyperSkate GTO Speciale is from https://www.adaptbrand.com

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Inline Skating in Toronto’s financial district and West End.

My inline GoPro and other Cameras

Remember, the best inline skater will pad it out when in doubt!

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