Wheel SceneEcho Skates – First Impressions, fit check and first session
from Wheel Scene on 15 May 2024

Echo Skates is the new brand from Stateside Skates, the company previously responsible for budget entry level brand Anarchy. This time round, they have set out to create something aimed at the core audience of aggressive skaters rather than trying to appeal to first-time buyer. Echo debuted their new skate at Winterclash 2024, a new mould made from 30% recycled plastic and featuring a unique X-shape mounting system – and it certainly caused a lot of discussion…although many people commented on the skate looking quite similar to another boot currently on the market. In this video I talk through the various features and offer my thoughts on the aspects of the skate I like and the parts I am less impressed with. There is also some footage from the first session on the stock setup. Oh, and I reveal the name of the skate. No, it’s not just called Echo!Join the Wheel Scene Patreon to see lots of videos that are not available on the YouTube channel.https://www.patreon.com/wheelscene