New GC Aluminium Frames. Geek-out. (LocoSkates)

LocoSkatesNew GC Aluminium Frames. Geek-out.
from LocoSkates on 30 Jan 2020

Jake Eley on the new Ground Control Aluminium Frames. Closer look and geeking out on some of the specs.

Measurements: Frame height GC: 32mm
Frame height Sola: 30mm

Middle wheels split GC: 114mm
Middle wheels split Sola: 112mm

(This makes sense! If the tolerance is tight then you directly sacrifice the same amount of ride height for middle-wheel split and vice versa)

Frame wall thickness GC: Thicker!
Frame Wall thickness Sola: Thinner!

Kizer Element 2 frames have a split of 140mm and a height of 40mm, it’s not a sensical comparison though as they are designed to take different sized wheels.

Frames are available here:

Black Ground Control HD60 Frame: Silver

Ground Control HD60 Frame:
Ground Control 60mm HD Frame with Plastic & Aluminium H Block – Silver

Black Ground Control HD72 Frame:
Ground Control 72mm HD Frame with Plastic & Aluminium H Block – Black

Silver Ground Control HD72 Frame:

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