ST0 Prototype testing (Claudio Antonelli)

Claudio AntonelliST0 Prototype testing
from Claudio Antonelli on 5 Jan 2018

I did work on that idea for a long time.
Creating a Soulplate for a Salomon boot that needs no modifications on the boot itself.
These things getting more rare everyday.

Right now i skate 3D-printed prototypes for size 40 (US 7/UK 6.5) and they hold up pretty well in the park.
The final goal is to mill these from some UMHW blocks as soon as the shape fits my expections.

As soon as i have working prototypes, i will open-source the whole Projects and leave it to the community,
to develop it further, adapt it to every shellsize and make the designs however you guys want.
With some basic 3D modeling knowledge and access to a 3D printer, you’ll get far.
And since “home 3D printing/milling” is the future for replacement parts anyway, why not start early šŸ˜‰


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