LocoSkatesStandard Omni Skates, In-Depth Review
from LocoSkates on 3 Mar 2024

Full review of the Standard Omni skates. Jake gives the skates a run-in on the Loco plaza and talks spec, fit, how they grind etc.Also featuring Gaston Demoratti and Harry Abel.0:00 Intro0:55 Sizing/Fit1:50 Buying options2:16 Soulplate size2:54 Cuff/buckle bolts4:02 Shock Absorbers5:23 Frame7:09 Mounting system8:03 Trying them on8:37 Royales10:38 Cess slide10:49 Rolling11:11 Topsides11:34 Weight11:47 Backslide12:40 Unity/Sav 12:57 Torque Slide13:28 Harry’s Opinion15:28 Gaston16:09 Back in the studio